Hair Extensions NYC

~ by Jessica Hyllarée ~

Hair Extensions NYC Press and Media

Hair Extensions NYC is featured in Modern Salon, OTC, Univision Primer Impact Television, Fox News Daybreak, Newsday, New England Fine Living, Fashion Manuscript, Short Styles Magazine,Celebrity Hairstyles Magazine, Today's Black Woman, and Shecky's.

Hair Extensions NYC was featured on Fox 23 News Daybreak's "Summer Hair and Makeup Trends" segment on June 19, 2007.

Inch by Inch
Hair extension lines are cropping up faster than Britney ‘recovers’ from each of her sorry ass attempts at rehab, and every celebrity that’s into hair thinks they're Mother Theresa by launching a hair extension line so that, well now you can look almost as good as they do (yes)! Case in point: as soon as Paris Hilton was released from jail the first order of business was (naturally) to release a new line of hair extensions. Even better, the line currently lacks a website and can’t be found anywhere. Good work Paris, glad to see you’re finally thinking things through. If you’re serious about extensions and are looking for a line you can actually purchase, we suggest New York Clip-On Hair Extensions. Created by respected stylist Jessica Hyllaree, these extensions come complete with a 400 color combination hair wheel, a sample six-piece hair extension set, style samples, and an instructional DVD and brochure to ensure the extensions you purchase are the right match. At least someone has their extensions in correctly.

Posted Friday, July 20, 2007  10:11:35 AM  by Michelle Friedman