Hair Extensions NYC's Instructional DVD
Hair Extensions NYC is proud to present the entire content of our instructional DVD here online in conjunction with technology. These video clips provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how to attach the clip-in hair extensions, care for them, and create over a dozen unique styles. Each of our hair extensions sets includes a 45 minute Instructional DVD which provides step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions on how to attach the extensions and create over a dozen unique styles. This makes it easy for anyone to learn how to use our hair extensions and create longer, more beautiful hair instantly. The videos on this page provide a complete preview of Hair Extensions NYC's CEO Jessica Hyllaree's renowned Instructional DVD, which provides super high resolution and fantastic sound quality.
The DVD features Jessica Hyllaree, CEO and Chief Creative Stylist, who demonstrates how to use the extensions. It was created to help out-of-state clients (who were not able to visit the Manhattan-based salon and instead order online) learn how to attach the extensions. Jessica's original approach makes it easy for anyone to learn how to wear Hair Extensions NYC’s hair extensions and also helps clients who do visit the salon practice putting them in their hair and learn new styling techniques.
Hair Extensions NYC’s hair extensions set comes with six pieces which are designed to be strategically placed in different areas of the head.There are the two “Nape” pieces which are placed near the nape, one “Roundabout” which is placed from ear-to-ear, another “Roundabout” which is placed from temple-to-temple, and two “Mini-clips” which are placed near the front. But while there is a “standard” way to wear the extensions, there are also many different ways of wearing each piece. You can easily create over a dozen looks including a pony-tail, up-do, layered look, wavy style, straight style, pig-tails, flip-top and other beautiful styles. Jessica shows in detail, exactly how to create each of these styles, making it easy for all of our clients to create the look they want.

Hair Extensions NYC’s Instructional DVD is very user-friendly, and has a detailed menu so clients can easily jump to the style or section they are looking for without having to watch the entire 45 minutes. As an additional supplement, Hair Extensions NYC also provides each client with illustrated pamphlets for additional guidance.

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